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Daniel Terbenche is a strong supporter of Public Access Defibrillators. One of them helped save his life. The 63-year-old went into cardiac arrest at Variety Village last winter and staff quickly went into action to help him.

Joseph Rosgen, Shane Risto, Jason Williams and Dave Hendersonworked together to perform CPR, retrieve the PAD and control the scene. They set up the defibrillator and delivered two shocks to Daniel’s heart.

When paramedics Tony Smith, Sandra Dickson and Dan Miched arrived on scene, Daniel had a pulse. They took him to East General, where he was put on ice. He was eventually moved to Sunnybrook, where he got an internal defibrillator and pacemaker. In two months, he was back at work, albeit from home.

“I don’t remember any distress, breathing problems or anything,” Daniel said, “but a second later I woke up on my back, staring at a hospital ceiling. My wife, daughter and brother-in-law were at my bedside. I was later told that second was actually four or five days.”

Daniel returned to Variety Village on July 9, 2008 to thank his rescuers at a media event with Mikey and EMS.

“I am extremely proud of the quick response to this emergency by our staff,” said Lynne Wallace, President and CEO of Variety – The Children’s Charity. “Their training and diligence helped save Mr. Terbenche’s life, but we also owe a debt of gratitude to The Mikey Network for providing Variety Village with defibrillators.”

Hugh Heron, CEO of The Mikey Network, presented Mikey Medals to the four staff members who saved Daniel’s life. He said he hopes in the future, there will be a defibrillator beside every fire extinguisher so more lives can be saved.

“The Mikey Network works because our efforts are guided by ongoing inspiration from the legacy of kindness and caring left by Mike Salem, our Heathwood Homes and Heron Group partner and friend, who died of sudden cardiac arrest on a golf course,” Hugh said. “And, for living proof that The Mikey Network really works, Daniel Terbenche is here at Variety Village with the four responders who helped save his life using a Mikey.”

TEMS currently oversees more than 500 PADs, and Chief Bruce Farr says he expects to meet more citizens saved by defibrillators as that number grows.

“Fitness facilities are prime locations for defibrillators, as they are considered high-risk for cardiac events,” Chief Farr said. “I would encourage others to follow Variety Village’s lead.”

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